1890 Bryant Street, Studio 203, San Francisco

1890 Bryant is a security building, so when you arrive,

use the house phone at the entrance to dial 203.

Plenty of free street parking during class hours. If you have trouble,

use the parking map, bottom of page.

If you come by bike, do not leave your bike on the street,

no matter how well you lock it up. Bring it upstairs,

and we'll store it in the office during class.

If parking is bad, which sometimes happens, here’s some parking hints.
See map above —we’re the green droplet across Mariposa from Starbucks,
on the corner of Bryant and Mariposa.

2-hour parking in YELLOW!

1) York and Hampshire south of 18th are 2-hour parking, free, and
there are almost always spots there. 2-3 blocks. 
2) Utah is 2-hour parking. Free. 4 blocks.

All day parking in RED!

3) There is often parking on Mariposa/San Bruno where it curves around
the freeway  Free. 5-6 blocks.
4) If you take 17th under the freeway to Kansas, then take Kansas up to 18th,
and right on 18th to the end back by the freeway, there is usually parking there, and then you take the pedestrian bridge back across the freeway, up Utah, and down Mariposa. Free. 5 blocks. It’s a nice walk.