BBC News recently spent an entire evening filming at our studio as part of a special mini-series on "Superagers."

As the global population ages, and as medicine and genetics advance, we face the prospect of living until we're 95-105-115... and we might as well live well.
There's no better way to do that than Tai Chi and Qigong, which were developed specifically to aid in maintaining health, vitality, and dynamic longevity.
Students in our classes cover all ages, from 25 to 85, but knowing the BBC team wanted to focus on "superagers", we pulled together some of the community elders from several classes, as well as from our UC class, for this evening of practice. Two of them — Kat (81) and Marci (80) — even got speaking roles! All the Tai Chi you see in the first video below was shot at our school.  
There are also a number of other Bay Area superagers featured in the reports, like the marvelous track and field star, Irene Obera (84), who appears in the second video. Finally, the third and last video asks how long can we live, and focuses on recent advances in medical and genetic sciences here in California.

There are three videos in the series below. Enjoy!